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A Unique System For Developing Your Skeletal Strength

OsteoStrong® is not a gym, diet, supplement, pharmaceutical, or a medical treatment. OsteoStrong® is a unique place where you can go to improve your overall health by focusing on the one thing we all have in common: a skeletal system.

The skeletal system is the foundation for your body and provides more than just strength and protection. It is arguably one of the most critical systems of the human body, and by implementing a strategy to care for and strengthen it, many experience the following results:

• Improved Bone Density
• Improved Posture
• Improved Balance
• Improved Athletic Performance
• Less Joint and Back Pain

OsteoStrong® works for people at all ages and levels of activity to promote skeletal strength which impacts the entire body in many ways using a process known as Osteogenic Loading. Sessions are quick, painless, and results are measurable and happen quickly. 

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In a 10 minute session, your body’s adaptive response mechanism is triggered; with less than 60 seconds of total effort.

1 %

We’ve seen up to 14% increase in BMD in some of our members over 12 months between DEXA scans.  *Results vary.

1 %
of women

50% of women over the age of 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis.  Our exclusive process is designed to enhance bone strength.

1 %
there for you

We are behind you 100%. We know you want the best possible health and we’re dedicated to helping you get there.

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who can benefit?

  • Anyone with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis
  • Pre and post-menopausal women
  • Anyone resistant to pharmaceutical treatment
  • Athletes 
  • Deconditioned patients needing strength and balance training
  • Anyone with balance and fall risk 
  • Individuals experiencing chronic pain or poor posture
  • Diabetics
  • Anyone in need of post-physical therapy strengthening

How Osteostrong works

Click on the videos below to learn more.

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Can you use Osteostrong for Osteoporosis?

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Understanding OsteoStrong for Physicians.

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Is OsteoStrong for everybody?

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When should women start OsteoStrong?

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How does OsteoStrong prevent injury?

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Why only one session per week?

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Can OsteoStrong be used for rehabilitation?

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OsteoStrong after Joint Replacement Surgery

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OsteoStrong and Compression Fractures

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OsteoStrong and Thyroid issues

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OsteoStrong and Exaggerated Kyphosis

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Dr. Rinkin Patel on OsteoStrong



Learn how osteogenic loading works with and without bisphosphonates and how your body is perfectly capable of rebuilding bone tissue holistically. Click on page or here:

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Learn why walking, running and weight training have little to no positive effect to improving bone density. Click pages or links below.

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huntE, Jaquish, huck study

Proving the efficacy of osteogenic loading with a group of women over the age of 50. Click on the images or click here:

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osteostrong and diabetes

There are multiple, well-proven and safe approaches to treating type II diabetes and metabolic dysfunction. Fortunately, these different approaches can be used individually, or in conjunction with one another. 

When viewed as single therapies however, it is OsteoStrong that performs the best compared to the other standards of care in the reduction of HbA1c (long term blood glucose measures).   

Click links below to read the study:

 Page 1   Page 2   Page 3  Page 4   Page 5

learn about bones

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Pain Reduction




We recommend booking a Complementary Online Meeting with us. During our meeting we will go over your Wellness Assessment to learn more about you and your needs. Then we’ll explain how OsteoStrong helps to meet your needs.

Simple! Call us at 408.595.9504 or shedule it here:

Traditional health insurance in the United States does not typically cover OsteoStrong sessions. However, medical savings accounts can be used in many cases.

Prices may vary for each OsteoStrong location because of leasing, personnel costs, etc.  We have different month-to-month plans that go from $199 to $339 with unlimited add-ons included.  Here is how our prices compare with other popular therapies:

Great question! I suppose you could, but one of challenges in trying to achieve the minimum threshold of 4.2 multiples of body weight at the gym or at home is safety. 

That’s a great question! There are a lot of benefits that come from traditional exercises that you would do at the gym. OsteoStrong does not cover all of those bases, and we would never dissuade someone from exercise. For those that go to the gym, they’ll find that OsteoStrong accelerates their results. Additionally, OsteoStrong really helps reduce or eliminate joint and back pain by strengthening the joints and surrounding tissues. This helps people prevent injuries they may experience while exercising in the gym. We don’t see people quitting the gym to come to an OsteoStrong center or vice versa, but the two actually have more of a symbiotic effect when used in conjunction with each other. 

Isometric exercises are great and are really safe for the joints, but the objective of OsteoStrong is to develop skeletal strength. Because we have learned from clinical research that it requires at least 4.2 multiple of body weight to trigger osteogenesis, most types of isometric exercises are incapable of delivering the needed load to achieve the desired results. 

That’s a really good question! The human body typically loses about 1% of its bone mass every year after the age of 30. It’s one of the reasons why people start losing strength, increase in joint and back pain and their posture declines. OS sessions often reverse these effects for everyone fairly quickly, and while the results happen quickly for most, they linger on for quite some time after stopping doing sessions. However, the body will continue to lose 1% of bone mass if there’s no stimulation to keep it going. I guess the question is, if you could continue to get more powerful with age, why wouldn’t you?

You don’t need to wear any special clothing. You won’t get sore and you don’t get sweat. So it’s pretty easy to come in at any time of day even though you are going back to work.

We follow CDC guidelines whilst the directives are in place and for the duration of the pandemic.  We have adopted  the mitigation strategies for being lower risk and we provide care and support to vulnerable population that fall in the categories of being at risk of Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, Type 2 Diabetes and fall and fracture. Therefore we identify as an essential low risk business as related to the virus.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

inventor dr. JOhn Jaquish

Dr. John Jaquish began his experience in life sciences after being told by his mother that she had been diagnosed with osteoporosis. In an effort to help her, he invented a device that safely emulates high impact stress on the skeletal system, with no risk of injury.

After successfully reversing his mother’s osteoporosis, as part of his doctoral dissertation in biomedical engineering research at Rushmore University, he conducted four years of testing with human subjects focused on user comfort, biomechanics, and optimal musculoskeletal stimulation. The device is currently in over 300 clinics worldwide and has now helped over 30,000 individuals with their bone health. 

Watch his presentation at our Grand Opening Event


These four movements are designed for optimal growth of bone and muscle tissue.
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Upper Growth Trigger

the upper body

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Lower Growth Trigger

the lower body

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Core Growth Trigger

lower rib cage and
deep abdominals

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Postural Growth Trigger

the spine, back,
and forearms

additional modalities

Here are some additional services to enhance your health and well being.

hydro massage

For the last 30 years, HydroMassage has earned its reputation as the world’s most well-equipped water massage system—just one of the reasons OsteoStrong provides this modality for our members. Similar to a powerful shower massage without getting wet, HydroMassage uses waves of heated water to provide an experience that’s especially effective after an osteogenic loading session.


BioCharger is a subtle energy revitalization platform that uses four types of transmitted energy—light, Voltage, frequencies, harmonics and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMFs)—to stimulate and invigorate the body. A touch-free, safe, rejuvenating full-body treatment, BioCharger supports the recovery of strength, stamina, coordination and mental clarity.

vibe plate

Research shows that, when performed using proper techniques, whole body vibration can reduce pain, improve strength and balance, and reduce bone loss. VibePlate™ uses vertical vibration, the most proven and natural form of vibration, to deliver benefits for medical and rehabilitation, aging, health and fitness, and athletic performance.


When NASA noticed its astronauts returning from space feeling ill and exhausted, it began to research the effects of magnetic fields on human performance. When the agency added pulsating electromagnetic fields to its spacecraft, the problem disappeared. NASA’s four-year study proved that PEMF—pulsed electromagnetic field—therapy can improve the growth and repair of tissues in humans and animals1 .


Joovv delivers red and near-infrared wavelengths directly to the body using medical-grade LEDs. These wavelengths trigger a chemical reaction in the cells’ mitochondria that, in turn, boosts ATP energy and enhances cell triggering. Red light therapy can help our members enhance their physical performance, reduce inflammation and decrease joint pain, and has been shown to improve osteoarthritis in numerous peer-reviewed studies.

in the news


“The founder of OsteoStrong, Dr. John Jaquish joined us live to tell us all about Osteostrong and their new location in LA. OsteoStrong is not a gym, diet, supplement, pharmaceutical, or a medical treatment. OsteoStrong is a unique place where you can go to improve your overall health by focusing on the one thing we all have in common: a skeletal system.”   Pablo Chacon, Jr.


Bone Building Solution

“When I first heard of this company and their machines, I just didn’t get it. Why go to a special studio to use their machines for a few minutes when weightlifting could have the same effect? It seemed a bit silly to me. This is me committing the classic error of prejudice before a thorough investigation. In other words, I had passed judgment on something I knew very little about.”  David Stewart


Fitness Trends 2020

“Thinning bones and constricted muscles and joints impact health, longevity and athletic performance, but addressing them usually falls between the cracks of regular exercise training. That has presented opportunities for new franchise operations such as OsteoStrong and StretchLab, which in the last few years have emerged as key players on the fitness scene, where flexibility and strength-training programs continue to dominate.”  Roy M. Wallack


these are the fitness trends 2020

“Another trend that has sprung up in the United States and has made its way to Australia are workouts that don’t focus on muscle but bone. Specifically, bone density.”  David Smiedt


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OsteoStrong Los Gatos
OsteoStrong Los Gatos
Based on 6 Google reviews.
Angela Wimmers
Angela Wimmers
OsteoStrong’s methodology to build strong bones and support the flexibility of joints and ligaments is unparalleled, and you will realize the results very quickly. I used to feel some weakness and pain in the joints and ligaments when going up and down stairs. After a few months of OsteoStrong’s technology, the weakness and pain disappeared. The benefits of OsteoStrong became very apparent when I recently sprained an ankle. By using OsteoStrong’s approach to bone strengthening and increased bone density, I had only a minor sprain. I feel like my body is 15 years younger due to the work I do at OsteoStrong. I highly recommend everyone to try OsteoStrong!
Jeannie Ellis
Jeannie Ellis
Natasha is a solid business owner, especially during this time of Covid. Her employees are excellent, and every effort to keep us safe is taken. I believe in the program and hope you give it a try.
Lori Harris
Lori Harris
Misti Bico
Misti Bico
Barry Turkus
Barry Turkus
The OsteoStrong 15-minute machine exercise protocol to build strength, improve balance and increase bone density (all of which is based on medical research) is revolutionary. My wife started the program to combat osteoporosis and encouraged me to attend. I'm glad that I did. What's great about it is that it takes so little time, it's easy, it's fun and it works! I noticed improved strength and balance almost immediately. Plus, the staff at OsteoStrong are outstanding. They are knowledgeable, friendly and committed to the success of their clients. I give it 5+ stars.
Joshua Everett
Joshua Everett
I started OsteoStrong a few months ago with the goal of increasing strength and posture, and enhancing overall health and well-being. OsteoStrong appears to be helping with those goals, while also helping to correct a shoulder injury. The staff and facility are top-notch! The hydro-massage and bio-charger are great too!
Misha Romanov
Misha Romanov
Unique wellness center, where you improve your bone density, strength, balance, posture in just 15 minutes a week. Great results in just a few sessions ! They also have hydro-massage and bio-charger, which makes visits even more pleasant.
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